Our Mission

We believe in growing and delivering local, sustainable, leafy greens for restaurants and the folks of Western Montana.

Our Story

Montana has a very short growing season.  During the winter months we have to rely on our food imported from Mexico and Southern California.  The quality and cost of this food fluctuates depending on the weather, fuel prices as well as availability.  Our leafy greens are grown in a highly controlled environment year round, which allows us to grow in greater volume, provide un-matching consistency and with same day, fast delivery.  Our leafy greens are tender, delicious and delivered to your door hours after harvest.

The Lettuce Lady

I never thought I would glean such a title!  It’s true, I am the knower and grower of all things lettuce!  I am also a trained chef.  I’ve lived in Western Montana for 38 years and the length of our growing season hasn’t gotten any longer.   I saw the need  for, fresh, delicious, local greens during our long winter months and Wicked Good Greens was “grown.”  Knowing your farmer in this day and age is important to our economy, the planet and to our health.

Jennifer “Niffer” Stackpole

Chief Knower & Grower